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Released: 2008-10-27

Adobe Fireworks CS4 [OLD VERSION] by Adobe

Software Details

Brand: AdobeMedia: DVD-ROMHardware Platform: PCOperating System: Windows Vista
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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows

Product Features

  • Creatively design interactive layouts for websites and rich Internet applications (RIAs)
  • Create and edit vector and bitmap images, or import and modify native Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files
  • Optimize graphics for virtually any scenario with preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls
  • Import Photoshop PSD files while retaining layers, effects, and blend modes and save Fireworks PNG files in native Photoshop format; copy and paste objects from Fireworks CS4 into Dreamweaver CS4 or Adobe Flash CS4 Professional software
  • Prototype layouts for RIAs in Fireworks and then export them directly to Flex, while retaining absolute positioning, styling, and professional-quality coding

Editorial Review

Rapidly prototype websites and application interfaces with Adobe Fireworks CS4 software. Create and optimize images for the web more quickly and accurately than ever before with an enhanced toolset. Present your comps to clients whether they are across the hall or across the country with Adobe PDF file support and integration with the Adobe ConnectNow service.

Smart Guides display both position coordinates and relative guides to help you precisely align graphic elements in your design.

Rapidly prototype and design for the web

Sophisticated prototyping
Creatively design interactive layouts for websites and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Export website comps to Adobe Dreamweaver software as standards-compliant, CSS-based layouts, and bring RIA prototypes into Adobe Flex software with professional-quality coding.

Superb design tools
Create and edit vector and bitmap images, or import and modify native Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files. Apply effects, styles, and blend modes to add depth and character to text and symbols.

Optimization and scaling tools
Optimize graphics for virtually any scenario with preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls. Intelligently scale buttons and graphic symbols with 9-slice scaling to accelerate website and application prototyping.

Intelligent integration
Import Photoshop PSD files while retaining layers, effects, and blend modes and save Fireworks PNG files in native Photoshop format. Copy and paste objects from Fireworks CS4 into Dreamweaver CS4 or Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

RIA authoring support
Prototype layouts for RIAs in Fireworks and then export them directly to Adobe Flex, while retaining absolute positioning, styling, and professional-quality coding.

Fireworks CS4 gives you the performance edge you need to quickly load and store the comp for an entire website in a single file, as shown here in the Pages panel.

The Path panel, which offers enhanced vector editing capability, is just one of the many revised panels in Fireworks CS4.

When exported with the new CSS and Images option, the car image will be linked from a CSS rule, rather than as an "img" tag in the HTML, because the slice type is set to Background Image.

Cross-platform support
Work how you want to work: Fireworks CS4 is available for PowerPC and Intel based Macs as well as Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista systems.

CSS export
Design complete web pages in a robust graphic environment and then export standards-compliant, CSS-based layouts, complete with external style sheets, in one step. Integrate foreground and background graphics with new slice types.

Client collaboration
Demo in a real-time online meeting with the Adobe ConnectNow service. Generate high-fidelity PDF files or interactive HTML comps for review. Create an Adobe AIR prototype to run on any platform.

Customizable and reusable assets
Jump-start your design process with a Common Library of graphic symbols, form elements, text symbols, and animations. Expand your collection with your own custom symbols and styles for continued rapid design.

Improved performance
Work faster and smarter with overall performance enhancements, from file opening and saving to symbol updates and intensive bitmap and vector operations.

Top new features of Fireworks CS4

Fireworks continues its evolution from an exceptional web-graphics visual design tool that mixes the best of vector and pixel tooling to an all-encompassing web site design environment and top-to-bottom application prototyping solution. The new features in Fireworks CS4 extend your reach into the next generation of online and interactive media.

Improved performance and stability
Work faster and smarter, with Fireworks CS4 performance enhancements throughout the application. Fireworks CS4 boasts faster document opening and saving for files large and small, including those with a great number of pages, states, layers, and symbols. File saving is now an asynchronous operation, so designers can get back to work while storing a large file. Symbol updating is more robust, as are intensive bitmap and vector operations. With its improved system responsiveness, Fireworks CS4 gives you the power to prototype your designs faster than ever.

New user interface
The new look and feel of Fireworks CS4 is far more than just a designer-friendly overhaul. It now shares a common interface with other Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web and Design components, from Photoshop and Illustrator to Flash and Dreamweaver. Maintain common workspace layouts and tools as you move smoothly between Fireworks and any other Creative Suite 4 component. The user interface enhancements aren't just skin-deep either: Pages, States, and Layers panels are now easier to use, with right-click menu additions and all commands and command panels upgraded for greater ease of use.

CSS- and images-based export
Design complete web pages in the robust graphic environment of Fireworks, and then export web-standards compliant, CSS-based layouts--complete with external style sheets--all in one step. Integrate foreground and background graphics with the new slice types where you have the option to set your background slices to repeat along X or Y coordinates or not repeat at all. Drop form-element-rich symbols like checkboxes, text fields, and Submit buttons onto your Fireworks layouts to output well-built HTML code.

Once you've exported your Fireworks CS4 comp to PDF, your client can add their comments through Adobe Reader or Acrobat software.

Set headline and body type more precisely in Fireworks CS4 with the revised Properties panel (shown here) and the updated Adobe text engine.

Symbols in Fireworks CS4 have been greatly improved to allow you to make design updates more efficiently. In the top figure, all three blue crosses are symbols. The bottom figure illustrates the edit-in-place feature where the middle cross has been double-clicked and the fill color is changed to a more noticeable red. Changes to one symbol are instantly applied to related symbols.

PDF export
Deliver the preciseness of your Fireworks CS4 design comps directly to your clients with the new Export To PDF feature. Export any range of pages in your Fireworks document with fidelity using a single command. The PDF document maintains hotspot-linked pages, creating interactive electronic comps that are viewable by anyone with Adobe Reader¨ or Adobe Acrobat¨ software: All the functionality of the Reader editing capabilities can be accessed for collaboration and iteration of your web design. You can safeguard your designs with optional password protection--separate passwords are definable for viewing and for other tasks such as copying, commenting, and printing.

Adobe text engine
The enhanced typographical capabilities familiar to users of Photoshop and Illustrator are now implemented in the text engine of Fireworks CS4. Set type easily and intuitively; you can get the same elegant results whether you start from scratch or import text. You can even import or copy and paste double-byte characters from Adobe InDesign¨ software, Ilustrator, or Photoshop without loss of fidelity. The Adobe text engine improvements also let you bring Photoshop PSD files into Fireworks CS4 with fully editable text. Designers will further appreciate the new ability to float text inside a path to quickly simulate text floating around an image in CSS layouts.

Style improvements
Styles are an important asset in any designer's toolbox, allowing consistent color, effects, and text attributes to be applied easily. The improved styles feature in Fireworks CS4 lifts this functionality to new heights. Now, when you modify a style, all elements to which the style has been applied are immediately updated. And you can break individual instances away from the style with the click of a Properties panel icon.

Additionally, Fireworks CS4 supports multiple style sets. Designers can quickly switch between various style sets, whether standard or custom. The Styles panel, enhanced for Fireworks CS4, includes pull-down menus which display all open documents and their style sets for rapid application.

Symbol enhancements
Fireworks CS4 symbols have also taken a big step forward with in-place editing--modifying the symbol without having to jump to a separate window. Now you can precisely refine your symbol while keeping an eye on the larger picture of your canvas. Moreover, one of the most valuable features of symbol editing, 9-slice scaling, is now available for any type of object--pixel, vector, group, or text area. Symbol properties are now even more robust with support of nested symbols (one symbol inside another) in Fireworks CS4.

Workspace improvements
Turn on Smart Guides for swift, accurate positioning and measurement of guides and elements on the canvas. Smart Guides offer a heads-up feature that shows where you are in relation to other objects as you drag guides into position, as well as displaying their current X and Y coordinates. Press Shift while adjusting your guides to view dynamically updated distances between canvas edges and existing guides in the same plane.

Adobe Kuler
Inspirational color review and creation comes to Fireworks CS4. Adobe Kuler is a popular web-hosted application and online color community where designers can create and store color sets to share or keep handy for their own use. With the Kuler panel in Fireworks CS4, you can find, sample, and apply the latest color themes from Adobe Kuler. Having Adobe Kuler accessible in Fireworks CS4 gives you the opportunity to craft color harmonies for your own use or to upload to Adobe Kuler, without leaving your design space.

Re-organize your files to compare and contrast pages in a website side-by-side. With the workspace enhancements in Fireworks CS4, you can even put two tabbed file groups next to each other.

Through the Create tab of the Adobe Kuler panel in Fireworks CS4 you can set the primary color, like the rich orange here, and discover other analogous colors to use on the page.

Re-use page elements from your site design to prototype an interactive AIR application.

Adobe ConnectNow, a service of
Designers often need to discuss comps and layouts with their clients to iron out specific details, but face-to-face meetings can be costly and e-mail communication is often too slow. Fireworks CS4 brings clients and designers together for real-time online meetings through its connection with Adobe ConnectNow, one of the services offered on Now you can meet live over the web to share your screen, present creative concepts and prototypes, and brainstorm with up to two online guests for no additional service charge. To share your screen with colleagues and clients, choose File > Share My Screen. Guests can then see your desktop on their screens as you work. You can exchange ideas using the chat pod, add a live video or audio feed, or use the Whiteboard feature to enable guests to comment on content. You can even temporarily hand over control of the screen to a guest to collaborate on a file. Additional services, such as Share, Create PDF, My Files, and Adobe Buzzword, are accessible via your web browser. (Internet connection required.)

Adobe AIR authoring
Preview and package your Adobe AIR interactive prototype directly from within Fireworks CS4, ready to be delivered to HTML and CSS, Flex, or Flash. Pages and states in Fireworks CS4 map exactly to an interactive Adobe AIR application experience, so you can quickly convert your click-through mock-up to a fully designed prototype. Distribute the prototype to clients or colleagues for approval and move it into application development more rapidly.

Creative Pro Online Services

Connect to the power of the online community through your creative desktop. New online services accessed from within Fireworks CS4 let you search for help from the online community; share your screen with colleagues or clients in a few quick clicks; get color inspiration from your peers and more. In addition to Adobe Kuler and Adobe ConnectNow (an service), discussed earlier in this document, other Creative Pro Online Services available with Fireworks include Adobe Community Help and Adobe Bridge Home. With these new online services in Creative Suite 4, you can take your ideas to the next level.

Adobe Community Help
Get the power of an online search engine within your Creative Suite 4 software, but with more targeted results thanks to Adobe Community Help. Searchable content includes the in-depth product-specific Help Adobe has always delivered, plus additional Adobe and third-party content chosen by experts at Adobe and in the design and production communities. With Adobe Community Help, you can find the focused answers you need, fast. Simply choose Help > Fireworks Help. (Internet connection required for extended content.)

Adobe Bridge Home
Visit Bridge Home--an online channel available in Adobe Bridge CS4--and stay up to date with what's new from Adobe and the design, web development, and video and audio production communities at large. Watch the latest video tutorials for your Creative Suite 4 software, listen to a podcast interview with a leading designer, or learn about the next training event in your community. Discover tips and resources that can help you work smarter and faster, making the most of your Creative Suite 4 software. (Internet connection required.)

Part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 family

Deeply integrated with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software, Fireworks is an ideal component of both Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium and Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Standard software. The user interface enhancements in Fireworks CS4 smooth the workflow, while precision import and export mean never having to re-create your assets. Designers focused on print media will find Fireworks a welcome addition to Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. For the utmost in creative expression, get Fireworks as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection.

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Publisher: AdobeCategory: Web DevelopmentBinding: DVD-ROMLanguage: English


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