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Office Suites

Released: 2008-10-06

QuickBooks Point Of Sale: Pro Version 8.0 by Intuit

Software Details

Brand: IntuitMedia: CD-ROMHardware Platform: PCOperating System: Windows Vista
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Ring up sales. Manage customer information. Get detailed inventory information on what’s selling and what’s not. Even setup and run an integrated webstore*. QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro takes care of the routine tasks, giving you more time to think about your business and how to better serve your customers. *Requires Intuit Storefront for QuickBooks Point of Sale; sold separately


Windows Vista, Windows XP

Product Features

  • Built in credit and debit card processing
  • Webstore integration
  • Inventory turn statistic tracking
  • Suggested reorder quantities
  • Customer Rewards program

Editorial Review

You ring up the sales and Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro takes care of the rest: automatically keeping track of your detailed inventory, customers, sales orders, layaways, and employee commissions.

See what's moving, what's low, what's on-order.

See your most important business information in one customizable view.

Include pictures of inventory items.

Include pictures of inventory items.

How Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro 8.0 Can Help You

Get the information you need to run your business

See what's selling, what needs restocking, and more with easy one-click reports.

NEW! Inventory Turn Statistic
With Point of Sale you now have insight into how quickly you sell through items with the new Inventory Turn Statistic. The Inventory Turn Statistic is a commonly used retail statistic that measures the performance of an item and refers to how often an item "turns over."

See inventory items on hand for any date you choose
Simplify your monthly, quarterly and yearly closing procedures. You can easily view quantity on hand and inventory valuation for any date you choose. Improve your cash flow by purchasing the right merchandise in the right quantities at the right time.

See what's moving, what's low, what's on-order
See inventory levels for each item as you ring it up. Run real-time reports that show what you've got, what's hot and what you need to reorder. See which items are selling the most now, and whether or not an item's sales have been increasing or decreasing over time. Generate reports to help you keep your most popular items in stock and help you see which items need to be discounted.

Run sales reports for everything you track
Break down sales by day, item, employee, payment type and more. Enter commission rates by employee and Point of Sale automatically tracks sales transactions entered by each associate and calculates the correct commissions.

See your most important business information in one customizable view
The dashboard gives you access to key business metrics at a glance--all on one screen. Now you can customize the dashboard to only show the information you're interested in. You can add, remove or modify reports; even change the layout and add additional pages.

Automatically track inventory as you ring up sales

Point of Sale automatically adjusts inventory figures every time you make a sale, order, or return--which helps you keep your customers' favorite items on-hand without overstocking.

IMPROVED! Suggested Reorder Quantities
You now have options how to set reorder quantities in Point of Sale. You can set reorder quantities manually, reorder quantities to the reorder point plus add some additional quantity or choose how may days of supply to have in stock. From there, Point of Sale is able to automatically generate POs based on how you have set your reorder quantities.

Include pictures of inventory items
You can now easily upload item pictures directly into Point of Sale. Use them on your web site or to jog your memory when ordering. Pictures can also help prevent loss by catching price tag switching.

Track layaways and sales orders
Let customers pay for big-ticket items over time, and track their incremental payments. Create sales orders to track orders that aren't yet paid for, such as backorders or special orders, without impacting your books.

Automate your inventory tracking by scanning barcodes
Scan barcodes in batches with our optional Physical Inventory Scanner. This handheld, battery-operated scanner goes wherever you keep your merchandise--even off-site. Bring it back to its cradle, and it updates your Point of Sale inventory records instantly. For items without barcodes you can print your own barcode labels right from the software.

Create and e-mail purchase orders automatically
Email purchase orders as PDF files directly from Point of Sale--no printing, faxing, mailing or waiting! Set minimum inventory levels for each item. When inventory reaches that level, Point of Sale automatically suggests creating a purchase order. And you can generate purchase orders with one click.

Simple Sales Receipt View.

Process credit and debit card sales automatically.

Track customer information that matters.

Ring up sales faster

Point of Sale makes ringing up sales a lot easier so you can keep your lines moving quickly.

NEW! Simple Sales Receipt View
The new Simple Sales Receipt View provides a simple to learn and use interface designed specifically for the daily use of sales associates that do not need full access to Point of Sale. It features an "all in one" screen workflows, user friendly touch-screen and easy access to common tasks.

NEW! PIN Pad with Signature Capture
The new PIN Pad with Signature Capture enables customers to sign for credit card transactions directly on the PIN pad. An electronic copy of the signature is recorded for later retrieval in case of contested charges, and the retailer enjoys improved security and reduced paper clutter. Requires an Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service account.

Barcode scanning saves time and reduces errors
Use our Bar Code Scanner to record items in sales receipts instantly--your inventory is automatically updated when the sale is completed. With Point of Sale, you can create bar-coded tags for everything you sell, ensuring you ring up the correct item and price--and keep your inventory up to date.

Accept credit and debit cards with an integrated merchant service
Authorize credit card and PIN debit card purchases automatically--and collect tips on credit payments--as you ring up sales. All you need is Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale and an Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service Account.

Web Store

Create a web store that integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks POS
Now it's easier than ever to expand your store to reach customers online. From designing and hosting your web store, to attracting customers, to managing all your inventory, all in one place -- Intuit Storefront for QuickBooks POS is everything you need to start selling online.

Personalize your customer service

View each customer's purchase history as you ring up sales, and suggest additional purchases based on past preferences.

Track customer information that matters
By tracking your customers' email and shipping addresses, you have what you need to let them know about upcoming sales or new inventory from their preferred manufacturers. Enter your customers' credit card numbers or names as you ring up sales, and see their complete purchasing histories, as well as any additional information you've captured.

Recognize customers with a rewards program
Automatically track and reward your best customers with a customizable rewards program. Set up special membership pricing, offer discounts after customers spend a certain dollar amount and more.

Easily communicate with customers
Quickly generate letters to your customer and vendors. Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with Microsoft Word so you can automatically create letters (from standard and custom templates) that are tied to customer orders, former receipts, purchase orders, vendors and more. Plus, you can also send letters to a pre-defined set of customers, for example your best customers, or those customers who have ordered over a certain amount from you.

Create mailing lists and labels
Filter your customer lists on selected criteria, such as zip code, type of merchandise purchased or dollar amount spent, to create mailing lists for targeted mail campaigns. You can even create email mailing lists.

Works with key products and services to help you run your store front

Point of Sale integrates with services that help serve your customers better and products that help make your business run more smoothly end to end.

Process credit and debit card sales automatically
Process transactions right in your QuickBooks Point of Sale software as you ring up sales. All you need is QuickBooks Point of Sale and an Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service Account 3 It's the only credit and debit card processing service that lets you record and authorize transactions in QuickBooks Point of Sale with a single swipe--no need to re-key data.

Gift card service integration available
Bring new and repeat customers into your store as they buy and redeem gift cards. Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Gift Card Service lets you offer this convenience without the hassles and risks of paper certificates. Just swipe the card through your credit card reader (sold separately), then enter the value. To redeem, swipe the card, then ring up a sale, and the balance is decreased automatically.

Easily transfer sales data to QuickBooks Accounting Software
Use QuickBooks Point of Sale with QuickBooks Accounting Software to handle your business end to end--from managing inventory and ringing up sales to tracking finances and running reports. It's easy to set up: The first time you connect Point of Sale to the accounting software, the QuickBooks Connection Wizard walks you through getting everything set up correctly. When the two programs are linked, you can transfer inventory and sales data with the click of a button!

Send time cards to Intuit QuickBooks Accounting software
Simplify your payroll process by transferring your employee time cards to QuickBooks Accounting software.

Recognize customers with a rewards program.

Easily communicate with customers.

Create mailing lists and labels.

Customize everything from price tags to reports

Use ready-made templates or create custom designs for your price tags, receipts, order forms and reports.

Create custom price tags, receipts, and more, without starting from scratch
Start with built-in templates for price tags, receipts, order forms, and reports, and "tweak" them with the Document Designer until they're just right for your store. Print them on your standard PC printer, 40-column receipt printer or tag printer.

Customize up to 7 fields each for vendors and customers, 5 for items
Custom-label up to 7 fields for vendors and customers, and 5 fields for items, to track the details you need. You can even include the information in reports.

Customize views to see just what you want
Add, remove, resize or rearrange the columns in any list view to see customer, vendor, item and inventory information just the way you want it.

Get up and running quickly

Answer a few questions in the simple Setup Wizard, import your inventory, customer and vendor lists from Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks Accounting software6 and you're ready to start ringing up sales.

Answer a few simple questions
QuickBooks Point of Sale is so easy to set up that many retailers start ringing up sales the first day. Just answer a few simple questions about your business, enter your inventory, and you're ready to go.

Import items and customers from Microsoft Excel
Import all of your customers, vendors and inventory items in one quick step from QuickBooks Accounting software or Microsoft Excel. Save hours of typing each entry by hand.

Learn by following examples in the practice file
Have a question about a tricky transaction? Go into the practice file to see how it's done. We load this file with three months of sample data for an imaginary retailer. You'll find all types of transactions and situations to use as models for handling your own. You can also use the file to train new employees without putting your own data at risk.

Tutorials help you understand quickly
Get up to speed fast with interactive, onscreen video tutorials that walk you through basic tasks such as accepting returns, creating sales receipts, and more.

Adobe Flash Player included
QuickBooks Point of Sale includes Adobe Flash Player for quick viewing of video tutorials.

Manage up to 20 stores from one location

Manage information for up to 20 stores from one location. With Point of Sale--Multi-Store, you'll know at a glance how each store--as well as your company as a whole--is doing.

NEW! Reorder Points by store
You can now set reorder points by each store rather than by the company as a whole. This allows you to customize your inventory based on the sales of each store.

Easily track business, customers and inventory at multiple stores
Each store tracks sales, customer information, receipts of merchandise, and merchandise transferred to other stores and sends this information to the "headquarters" store via e-mail or CD. The headquarters store runs company-wide reports, controls inventory and issues purchase orders. And all stores are kept up-to-date with current information of inventories at other locations.

Get more detailed reports
It's easy to compare performance across store locations, with multi-store reports. And, if you use QuickBooks accounting software, you can use Class tracking to get a more detailed financial picture of each store.

Schedule your store data exchange
Now you can schedule to exchange data between stores every day, automatically! Maintain accurate, up-to-date information at headquarters to help you make the right purchasing plans, pricing decisions, and bookkeeping entries.

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